The Ebony Owl Returns!

Art by Samax Amen

Alter Ego: Doug Walters
Occupation: Internet Entrepreneur
Known Relatives: Mike Walters (father), Regina Walters (mother)
Group Affiliation: National Superhero Alliance
Base of Operations: Judgment City
First Appearance: The J.R. LeMar Journal: June 10th, 2019
Height: 6’0″ Weight: 230 lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

In college, Doug and his roommate, Nick Terry, invented an internet dating app called Dice. The app became a huge success, and the two young men eventually took the company public and sold out their interest in it. Doug now found himself a young a man with a net-worth of about $400 million. The next couple of years were spent living the life of a jet-setting playboy, carousing the Caribbean with the Kardashians, hosting birthday parties for Blue Ivy Carter on his private yacht, and so on. Eventually boredom set in, and Doug began to feel that he was wasting his life, and his fortune, and decided to seek out the ultimate thrill by becoming a costumed crime-fighter. After a little over two years of highly intensive almost daily training, Doug was ready to face the underworld as THE EBONY OWL!

Doug started off taking down street gangs, drug dealers, busting up crackhouses, meth-labs, and illegal gambling and prostitution rings, slowing building up a reputation among criminals and law enforcement alike. Eventually he began to face off against more high profile criminals, including flamboyant costumed crazies, such as Pokerface, Ratwoman, The Gray Gremlin, Web Mistress, Breeze, The Lone Shark, Bull Dawg Brown, and Venus The Flying Trap-queen, among many others.

Doug’s exploits became so famous that he was approached by The Fighting Yankee to join America’s premier superhero team, the National Superhero Alliance. However his nomination was controversial, as some members of the team felt that since Doug had no actual superhuman abilities he was not technically a “superhero.” However, when Doug arrived at the NSA headquarters for his first tryout, he found that the entire team had been taken hostage by arch-villain Madam Misery and her henchmen, who had studied the team for years and developed ways to counter-act each of their superpowers. Doug, being someone she hadn’t expected to be there and was therefore unprepared for, managed to single-handedly take down Misery’s men and rescue the other superheroes, thus saving the day. He was then unanimously voted into the team.

Doug possesses no superhuman powers, but is in excellent physical shape, comparable to that of an Olympic athlete, and is highly skilled in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, in addition to be trained in boxing and acrobatics. His suit has kevlar built into it to protect against bullets and knife-wounds. The lenses in his mask have night-vision capabilities enabling him to see in the dark. He also has several specially-built weapons, including tasers and knock-out gas. He operates a fleet of remote-control drones to help him patrol his city, and his own private helicopter, with silent blades, which he calls his “Owlmobile” to travel in.

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