Col. Chen Too

Has I continued to work on this character, she advanced from being sort of “my Flash Gordon” a space opera adventurer, to more like “my Captain Kirk”, the commander of a starship. I first commissioned a new image, in which I described a new skintight suit, and said I wanted her to be standing and saluting, from KEITH HOWELL, and he sent me the above image. I don’t recall whether the extra image of her face with her hair out was part of my original request, or just something Keith chose to add on his own, but it looks great.

And then I sent Keith’s image to MAURICIO VARGAS and asked him to similarly draw the character saluting. And he did a fine job:

And then at some point I commissioned another image from another artist. But I did not save the information of whom the artist was, and I honestly don’t recall it myself. So I have no idea who drew this:

Not bad, but I don’t know why he or she drew her with such huge breasts though. Artistic license, I guess. But it’s bit too sexy for what I have in mind for the character.