Cody Conyers is a new artist I discovered last week when someone linked to his work in a Facebook group that I’m in. Apparently the man was in need of some quick money as he was offering full-color commissions at a ridiculously low price (for his talent) up until Halloween, so I decided to take advantage of him take him up on it, and I sent him Samax and Celina’s images of Superheru and asked him to take a stab at it. Within a few days he sent me the above image. Quite impressive, eh? I particularly like the way he has the cape flapping in the shape of the continent of Africa.

I haven’t done as much work on this character in the months since his creation, but I’m trying to do more now, as I’m planning to do a couple of comic-strips about him with Samax. I know his first name is going to Horace. And as for his origin one idea I’ve kicked around for awhile is concept I’ve had for the idea of a bad guy who gets powers and decided to turn a new leaf, while still be tempting to do bad things.

So I’m thinking that Horace is a well-respected Black civil rights activist, the leader of a pro-Black organization (either secular or religious, I’m not sure), who leads protests against police brutality, mentors gang members to reform them, does all that type of good stuff, but is secretly a fraud. He doesn’t really give a crap about his community, he’s just in it for the money and fame. While publicly preaching about living a ‘righteous life” he smokes weed and has a string of mistresses behind closed doors. And then one day he’s “chosen” to become the avatar of the God Heru and is given super powers.

It turns out this was a mistake, someone else was supposed to be chosen, but once Horace got the powers they can’t be taken back. And even though his initial instinct is to use his newfound powers for personal gain, he’s actually unable to  use his powers for selfish reasons.  The powers are tuned into his conscious, so he can only use them to help and defend others, otherwise he’ll immediately revert to powerlessness. Or he’ll be mentally held back. Like if he has super strength, which he can use to fight bad guys, but if’s thinking of deliberately hurting or crippling someone he’ll suddenly find himself unable to throw a punch.

So now Horace is basically forced to learn how to become her decent person that he’s spent his whole life pretending to be.

I think there’s a potentially interesting story there. And I can see 50 Cent (who has previous spoken of his desire to play a superhero) starring in the movie or TV show.

Anyway, great job by Cody. Check him out on Instagram and Deviant Art

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