I’ll admit that I haven’t developed this character that much yet. It was mainly just a name that popped into my head, followed by an image. HERU is another name for the Ancient Egyptian God, HORUS, who has long been a favorite of mine. I’m not sure what the official difference between the two names is, but I’ve noticed that HERU is the name more commonly used among Black folks, and in artwork Heru is more commonly portrayed as a Black man, as he should be.

Not like in the Gods-awful 2016 movie, GODS OF EGYPT.

Yeah, the less said about this garbage, the better.

Anyway, after explaining the idea to SAMAX AMEN, he set me the above image, which is just awesome. I immediately sent that to CELINA HERNANDEZ and had her draw an image as well.

All I really know for this character is that he’s meant to be a member of the all-Black superhero group that I envision my other character NINJIHAD forming and leading. He would be the “Superman” to Ninjihad’s “Batman.” So on that level he would have many of the standard Superman-type powers. Flight, super strength, super speed, invulnerable, possibly some vision powers. As I said, I’m still working on the concept, but I just really wanted to share these images.


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