Here’s another character concept that I could several ways with. I originally thought of him as a possible children’s book character, but I think it could as work as a sort of superhero comic-book character. I could perhaps even create a comic strip about him.

I think the idea first occurred to me years ago after seeing Keith Howell’s AMERICAN HEROES image, as I started thinking about creating a group of new characters who would be the sons and daughters of legendary American folk heroes. But Paul Bunyan was always my favorite of these types of characters, so I guess that’s the why the idea of writing about the adventures of his son stuck with me the most through the years.

I don’t have full details worked about his story and background. That will depend on what format I develop him for. But the basic idea is that I’d keep his exact origin a mystery. He’s a young man, around 18 years old, 7 foot tall, and super strong. He rides around the country on his big blue motorcycle, which he calls “Babe”, making stops in small towns where he invariable gets involved in some crazy adventure with the locals.

The above image is the first one I got, and that is from the now-disappeared Joshua Covey. Later I sent that image to Celina Hernandez and she came back with this:

This would also make a great Saturday morning cartoon…