This is just something I did for one. I never really intended to develop a story around this character, although there are some possibilities.

About 10 years ago on Myspace I “met” a Cambodian-American woman named DAVITA. We’ve never met in person, but have remained in contact via social media over the years. One day, I think it was for her birthday, I had CELINA HERNANDEZ draw a picture of her. Celina did such a great job, the image came out looking just like Davita, and so then had another guy, whose name escapes me at the moment, morph the original picture and the drawing together, and I sent that to Davita.

Pretty neat, eh?

Years later I asked Celina to draw Davita again, but this time as a superhero. I didn’t have a superhero name in mind, but I described the kind of costume I wanted, and Celina came back with the image that is posted at the top of this post (Celina had dyed her how brown at this point, which is why she has brown hair in the superhero image, instead of black hair like in the morphing image.

I later asked JOSHUA COVEY to draw this same superhero.

Note: In some of the images I sent Josh for reference, Davita has blue eye-contacts on, which is why Josh drew her with blue eyes, instead of her natural brown eyes, in his picture.

I also got this image from CHAD PORTER:

Now, while I do like his style, I think Chad went a little overboard with breasts. Yes, Davita does have big breasts, but there’s no to emphasize them THAT much, including the nipples poking through the top. So, as good as it technically is, I prefer Celina and Joshua’s images.

I sent all images (except Chad’s) to Davita and she loved them. Eventually I later thought that I should have had the colors of the suit be dark blue and red like Flag of Cambodia, and then called this character MAIDEN CAMBODIA.

I may still do that someday.