I don’t remember exactly where this idea first occurred to me, but I was specifically looking to create a Latina superhero who’s sort of a cross between Wonder Woman and Captain America. The image came to my first, and I came up with some bare bones details for her background. A 15 year old girl named Celina Hernandez (yeah, I named her after the artist) gets a mysterious necklace as a gift, which turns out to be symbol from the Greek goddess Nike, and when she rubs it, the necklace turns into a medallion and transforms her into an adult woman with superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. In this form, Celina take on the identity of Olympianna, and fights supervillains.

I commissioned a couple of images from Celina first, the above one and this one:


Sending these to CHAD PORTER I received this image from him:


I love his art, but he colored her a bit a darker that I intended. She looks more like a Black woman to me, although I guess she could be an Afro-Latina?

Anyway, I later thought that I might be too close to violating the actual Olympics’ trademarks with this costume? So I always intended to revamp this design a bit later, perhaps coming up with a more scientific origin for her powers rather than magical?

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