Delilah by Celina Hernandez

This character was created in pretty soon after I created SAMSON. I figure a hero called Samson has to have an ally or enemy called Delilah, right? It just seems natural.

I was also inspired somewhat by Antje Traue’s potrayal of Faora in Man of Steel, and her battle with Superman in that film. So my Delilah likewise has Samson’s same powers, and a darker costume, complete with a cape. I have her covered because she’s also an Orthodox Jew. The basic idea behind the character is that she used to be Samson’s partner, they defended Israel together. But her powers corrupted her, somewhat, she eventually began to feel she didn’t need to be taking orders from anyone, including the Israeli government. And that with their great powers, the best way to protect Israel was for her and Samson to conquer and rule it themselves. Samson objected and thus they became enemies. I had Celina Hernandez draw this image, and it came out just perfectly.