This is another character concept that I haven’t finished working out a background for. I had multiple inspirations for it. It started when Lupita Nyong’o won an Oscar for her appearance in the film 12 Years A Slave. I very soon found myself thinking of wanting to create a superhero specifically for her to play in a movie. I like super-speed characters, so I wanted to create one of my own. I’d had the name “PDQ” in my head ever since reading Mark Millar’s super-speed miniseries MPH, so I decided to use that name for the character.

I contacted Celina Hernandez, and described the character as a skinny dark-skinned Black woman, along with details of what I wanted her costume to look like. I think the first image she sent me had the character in a “running” pose, as I told her that this character’s power was to be able to run at super-speed. But if I were to get the chance to portray this character in a movie or a comic-book I’d want to avoid the traditional tropes of showing her running in slow motion or having the camera sped up, to showcase her power. Instead I’d have her power presented almost more like teleportation.

The idea is that she moves so fast that no one can see her. It’s like she’s just standing there one second and then you blink and she’s gone. Or when it comes to using her powers as a superhero, you’d have scenarios where someone is robbing another person. They’re pointing a gun to someone’s face and demanding their wallet, then you blink and now the would-be robber is on the ground with his hand and feet hog-tied and PDQ is standing over him holding his gun, as the would-be victim is confused about what the heck just happened. I think that would be a visually interesting way to showcase her power, and would help her stand out from other super-speedsters.