Malcolm Hexed

PREVIOUSLY: D.C. Washington, Middle School Magician

Recent events caused me to get more active about reviving this character, first as a comic-strip. However, for a comic-strip, I realized that I needed a new name. While I enjoyed the cleverness of the name “D.C. Washington” and think it works fine for the lead in a book series, I just don’t think it works as well for a comic-strip, which I think requires a name that instantly indicates what the strip is about when a reader hears it. And I think using the full title of “D.C. Washington, Middle School Magician” is just a little too long. After batting around a few alternatives, and with a helpful suggestion from Samax Amen, I eventually settled on MALCOLM HEXED.

The above image I commissioned from Celina Hernandez. And Samax provided the following image:

Now with the comic-strip, the premise remains basically the same. Malcolm is a 12 year old magician, and whether or not he has actual magical powers or is just performing illusions, will be left up to the reader’s imagination. However, I have been getting more ideas for a book, and I’m thinking I want to good full-on supernatural, and have Malcolm be a part of a magical family and live in a world where magic is real. But I’m still working out the details about that.

For now, enjoy the new comic strip, found on MYCOMICSTRIPCLUB.COM and MYCOMICSTRIPCLUB.NET