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Image by Katie Shanahan

The above image really struck a nerve with a lot of people. I posted it on my Facebook page on Tuesday, and as of Saturday night it had been shared 4,873 times, with no sign of stopping. It seems like a good image to start off this new blog.

This is what I’m using to show off the artwork I’ve commissioned from various artists over the years, for various creative projects I’ve envisioned, and to share the ideas behind them.. Perhaps some will eventually be brought to fruition, in which case you can say that you heard it here first?

I had similar blog on blogger, just because I wanted to have a blog on blogger. But I just don’t like the way blogger is set up. I’m used to the format of wordpress, which I’ve been using for my main blog for years. So I decided to start over here.

I’m still messing with the design for now, but I’ll be getting to regular posting soon. So stay tuned.